Live Close To Nature By Introducing Cotswold Style Interiors In Your Home

If you are a natural lover and is acutely aware of the negativities caused by denuding of forest and the subsequent global warming.

Cotswold style interiors in your home


If you are a natural lover and is acutely aware of the negativities caused by denuding of forest and the subsequent global warming  you have the option of contributing  to the ecosystem by introducing Cotswold interior design elements in your under construction or renovation home. What is Cotswold style interior design or home? Cotswold is a region in England which the fantastic backdrop of abundant greenery and a series of abandoned limestone quarries filled with pure natural waters. Cotswold style house design represents simplicity and was aimed at providing quarters for labourers working in the limestone quarries. It has steep and slanting roof, huge chimney at the front door area, king mullions etc and contained just the basic elements required for living.

Use of hardwood and limestone in these houses has hugely benefitted the people living inside and the environment outside as the design did not produce any bad side effects or environmental harm. The area was unpolluted by outside elements and people from London and other cities used to go spend time in the sprawling green, thick forests and of course the limestone quarries filled with water. It is a good idea for you to introduce the style in your about to be built home or renovation home. The style became hugely popular in the 16th and 17th century and the fade is now catching up with the current generation owing to its green values.

Natural Elements Or Features

Adding natural elements or features that represent natural elements to your interior design can bring nature close to you. Cotswold interior design introduced hardwood and limestone in homes which are absolutely natural elements emitting no toxic fumes. Nailing landscapes scenery on the wall, neutral elephant cushion on seating, and potted palms and other plants can significantly boost the presence of green inside your home. Opting for Cotswold design interiors can be a big step towards supporting the ecosystem and creating an environment friendly life space in your home. In this regard you can consult Harleen Mclean Interiors, London and they will be happy to help you in taking the decision and also offering to do the interior design with their expert craftsmen. You can get in touch with them on phone number +44 (0) 7885 720 377 or sending mail to [email protected] and get a free quote.