FC 24 Career Mode: Historic Female Manager Sabrina Wittmann Leads FC Ingolstadt

FC 24 Career Mode welcomes its first female manager, Sabrina Wittmann, marking a historic milestone. Wittmann, known for her leadership at FC Ingolstadt 04, presents a challenge for players to elevate the team from Germany's third division to the Bundesliga. The game's latest u



In a groundbreaking moment, FC 24 Career Mode has introduced its first-ever real-life female manager, marking a historic milestone in the game's history.

Breaking Barriers in FC 24 Career Mode

Sabrina Wittmann has made history as the inaugural female manager to be authentically represented in Career Mode, courtesy of the latest update from EA for FC 24.

Players can now choose Sabrina Wittmann as their manager right out of the box, marking a significant milestone for the popular Road to Glory Career Mode save option.

Previously, the inclusion of female managers in Career Mode was limited to those created by the players themselves prior to picking a team. With Wittmann's groundbreaking addition, this restriction has been lifted.

Sabrina Wittmann's Real-Life Achievements


In a groundbreaking move for the Career Mode, the game has introduced its inaugural real-life female manager. Wittmann has etched her name in history by becoming the premier woman to helm a professional German squad, stepping in as the interim coach for FC Ingolstadt 04 in the 3. Liga.

Formerly overseeing the Under-19 team, the 32-year-old has demonstrated remarkable leadership. Since her ascension, she has maintained an unbeaten record, concluding the season on a high note with a pair of victories, a couple of stalemates, and securing the Bavarian Cup.

FC Ingolstadt 04: A Road to Glory

FC Ingolstadt 04 presents an enticing challenge for Career Mode enthusiasts, offering the opportunity to elevate the team from Germany's third division to the Bundesliga, a feat not achieved in the last seven years.

Armed with a modest budget of nearly £6 million and a squad with a two-star rating, taking the reins from Wittmann and steering FC Ingolstadt 04 to success is no small task, yet it promises to be a rewarding experience for those who take on the journey.

Career Mode Challenges and Expectations


In FC 24's Career Mode, guiding FC Ingolstadt 04 to domestic triumph is imperative, as local achievements take precedence over financial and continental objectives. Achieving promotion is the main goal for any manager at the helm of this club.

Engagement and Interaction

Are you considering embarking on a journey with FC Ingolstadt 04 in Career Mode under the guidance of Sabrina Wittmann? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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