Unlock Lamine Camara SBC: Guide, Costs & Player Review

FC 24 Ultimate Team presents a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Player Moments Lamine Camara, a standout player from Ligue 1. His card boasts a significant +22 OVR increase, reaching 88 rating, with impressive attributes and playstyles, making him a versatile midfield asset. Th



FC 24 Ultimate Team enthusiasts have a fresh SBC to tackle, featuring a Player Moments card that spotlights a standout player from Ligue 1.

This unexpected addition to the Ultimate Team SBC roster arrives amidst the excitement of the Golazo promo, enhancing the gameplay experience with a significantly boosted player card.

If you're looking to integrate the Player Moments Lamine Camara card into your squad, we've got the most cost-effective methods to complete his SBC, now live in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

EA has infused FC 24 Ultimate Team with a new level of excitement by introducing a Player Moments upgrade for FC Metz's central figure, midfielder Lamine Camara.

Player Moments Camara Overview

Lamine Camara, the rising Senegalese star, stunned fans with a remarkable goal from midfield during FC Metz's narrow 2-1 loss to AS Monaco in October 2023.

His latest Player Moments card reflects this feat, boasting a substantial +22 OVR increase, taking him to an 88 rating.

Camara's attributes are impressive across the board, with 88 pace, 88 shooting, 88 passing, 86 dribbling, 85 defending, and 86 physical.

EA Sports has also enhanced his abilities with the Intercept PlayStyle+ and Power Shot PlayStyle+, complementing his memorable halfway-line goal.

Moreover, Camara's card features a five-star weak foot and four-star skill moves, making him a formidable presence on the pitch.

With the ability to slot into CM, CDM, or CAM positions, Camara's versatility makes him a valuable asset for any midfield lineup.

If you're considering bolstering your FIFA Ultimate Team, let's explore the most cost-effective methods to secure the Player Moments Lamine Camara SBC!

SBC Requirements and Rewards

To successfully complete the Player Moments Camara Squad Building Challenge (SBC) and reap the rewards, here are the steps and criteria you need to follow:

  • For the initial part of the challenge, your squad must include at least one player from Ligue 1 Uber Eats and one Team of the Week (TOTW) player. The overall team rating should be no less than 82. Upon completion, you'll earn a Small Gold Players Pack.

  • Progressing to the next stage of the SBC, you are required to incorporate a minimum of one TOTW player into your starting lineup again. However, this time the team's overall rating must be at least 83. Finishing this part of the challenge will grant you an Electrum Players Pack.

Remember to strategically select players that meet these requirements while also maintaining the necessary team chemistry and overall rating to ensure a successful SBC completion.

Completion Cost Final Thoughts

After assembling the required teams for the Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players can unlock the Player Moments Camara and incorporate this talented midfielder into their Ultimate Team. Completing this SBC is estimated to cost approximately 74,000 coins.

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