How to Rectify QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

In this blog post, we aim to help you resolve QuickBooks error C=272 with some easy-to-follow troubleshooting solutions.

For the past few years, we have noticed stark changes in the way accounting is done. And all thanks to the software by Intuit called QuickBooks. It is an accounting application which has many powerful features like managing finances and payroll, taking care of the inventory etc. Since this software has many benefits, most small and medium sized businesses are depending on it. The best part is that every year a new version of QuickBooks desktop  is launched by Intuit with newer and better features.


Even though QuickBooks is an amazing application, it is not immune to any kind of error or technical glitches. One of the common issues faced by the users is  QuickBooks error C=272  when they try to run the QuickBooks verify Data Utility or QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility tool in the system. This error disrupts the work process and also causes delays and that's why it needs to be resolved at the earliest. However, it is very important to understand the causes of the error to come up with the solution for the same.


Steps to resolve the QuickBooks error code C=272

Before you start with the steps, you need to rule out any possibility of data damage and just make an attempt to open the company file. In case, you notice that the error is still there then disable the Windows 10 Compatibility Mode.


Step 1: The first thing to do is to open QuickBooks sample company file

  • Press and Hold the tab Ctrl, when you are opening QuickBooks
  • When the  No Company Open Window  is displayed in front of you Release the  Ctrl tab
  • If, the error occurs before the  No Company Open Windows ' pop up on the screen then you have to go ahead with the next step
  • Click ' Open sample file ' option and then choose a sample file from the list
  • Now you have to try opening the sample file.


Note:  In case, you see the sample company file is opening and the error doesn't show up, then you have to go to ' Verifying and Rebuilding QuickBooks company data ' or ' restore a company file from backup' . And if still the issue is not resolved while opening the sample company files then try out the next step.

Step 2: Disable Windows 10 Compatibility mode with QuickBooks Desktop Shortcut Icon

  • The first thing to do is to right-click on the  QuickBooks shortcut  icon
  • After this you have to choose  Properties
  • Now click on the  Compatibility Tab
  • Once done, you have to unmark the checkbooks which says ' Run the program in compatibility '
  • Now tap on  OK  button.
  • After this click on  Cancel  and go ahead with the next step.



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