Unlocking Potential: Bulk Terminals Market on Track for US$ 25,294 Million by 2032

Bulk Terminals market. Encompassing the research's scope and essence, this report scrupulously examines the driving factors, market size, and predictive data for Bulk Terminals.

The Bulk Terminals Market report, unveiled by Future Market Insights—an ESOMAR Certified Market Research and Consulting Firm—presents invaluable insights and meticulous analysis of the Bulk Terminals market. Encompassing the research's scope and essence, this report scrupulously examines the driving factors, market size, and predictive data for Bulk Terminals. It furnishes intricate revenue and shipment segmentations, accompanied by a decade-long projection up to 2030. Additionally, the document evaluates key industry players, their market distribution, the competitive scenario, and regional perspectives.

The recent global maritime trade slowdowns, precipitated by the COVID-19 outbreak, have brought about a notable surge in the world's minor Bulk Terminals Market trade. According to the latest analysis by Future Market Insights (FMI), the global minor bulk trade has experienced a significant upswing, reaching an estimated 1.74 billion tonnes.

FMI's comprehensive research indicates that the production of steel and forest products constitutes a substantial 43% share of the overall minor bulk trade. Moreover, approximately 37% of the minor bulk trade encompasses metals and minerals, while the remaining 20% is attributed to agricultural products.

Significantly, a considerable proportion of agricultural product trade is concentrated in countries such as the United States, Argentina, Brazil, China, and India. These nations are responsible for exporting and importing grains at rates exceeding 34% each, thereby contributing significantly to the global minor bulk trade landscape.

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Bulk Terminals Market Size Study

  • Sales of bulk terminals to remain stable over the forecast period, 2020-2030
  • Dry bulk continues to generate greater total returns to shareholders (TRS)
  • Nearly 190 terminals were under expansion worldwide in June 2019, with an additional 49 under construction
  • Markets in Europe and North America to generate relevant value through 2030

“Majority of global trades are performed through coastal routes, as such, proper functioning of maritime transport is quintessential in overall progress of countries participating in global trade. Port operation accents for heavy investments in manpower and equipment. Consequently, various countries are embracing Public-Private Partnership (PPP), wherein operations and management duties are outsourced to private firms, while respective governments own certain land and assets,” says analyst at FMI.

Bulk Terminals Market Outlook and Key Findings

  • Soya and grain trade makes up for around 10% of global seaborne dry bulk commodity trade
  • Liquid bulk terminals to register greater CAGR over forecast period, 2020-2030
  • Coal and iron ore to lead the pack in dry bulk segment
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) continues to offer lucrative growth opportunities over following decade

COVID-19 Impact on Bulk Terminals Market

The COVID-19 pandemic is triggering huge supply chain disruptions for bulk terminals market due to strict lockdown measures, especially in Asian supplier regions. Such stringent measures have led to dearth of workers – truck drivers and labors – at port terminals.

In addition, the market is suffering due to shortage of transportation facilities such as. Studies reveal that trucks and containers dropped by about 50% due to decreasing number of trailers and unavailability of drivers. This has further slowed down transshipping operations at terminals.

Driven by rising concerns regarding worker safety, several end-use industrial operators have brought manufacturing processes to temporary halt, thereby, hurting the demand for bulk terminals.

In an effort to stay afloat amid the COVID-19 crisis, upgradation in automation capabilities will be critical for bulk terminal market players in immediate future.

Bulk Terminals Market – Competitive Intelligence

Leading players in the global bulk terminals market are focused on inorganic growth strategies such as mergers and acquisitions (MA) as well as contracts in order to boost theor market presence. Case in point,

  • Ultramar Group has entered into transshipment collaboration with Acron Group to transship over 1.2 million tons per year (tpy) of mineral fertilizers.
  • Noatum Maritime has taken over the multi-purpose bulk terminal business from Noatum Ports.
  • Teck Resources and Westshore Terminals have entered into an agreement for a new throughput contract for export of metallurgical coal beginning in April 2021. The contract will witness 5-7 million mt of metallurgical coal exported from April through December 2021.

 To Know More About Bulk Terminals Market:

A new market research report published by Future Market Insights (FMI) on the global bulk terminals market report offers comprehensive insights into the market demand trends and analysis of opportunities over the forecast period, 2020 to 2030. The report examines the bulk terminals market through two different segments – bulk type, and region. The bulk terminals market report also provides extensive assessment of pricing by different key market dynamics, life cycle analysis, and technologies that are being deployed in the manufacturing of barcode printers and product adoption across several end-use industries.

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