Live Game Streaming

The world's top independent live streaming service, Loco, was created especially for the fervent gaming community. You can now access all of your favorite gaming videos in one location.

You may watch the finest up-and-coming and top players live-streaming the best games on Loco. You may interact, support, and follow them. To create your own gaming community, you may sign up to be a streamer on Loco.

India was a country where people enjoyed playing video games, but there were only hyper-casual games available to the general public and no serious games. The year 2019 marked a permanent alteration in the environment. In the end, smartphones became more potent and fast mobile internet became more affordable, paving the way for games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, etc. to become popular. And boy, did they succeed!

We created Loco as a response to the Indian gaming community's desire for a platform that gave them a sense of community.


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