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Since the MLB 'Wild Card' Era, the Yankees are still Ranked #1 in Club Performance

Since the wild card era began in American Professional Baseball (ML, the New York Yankees have still ranked first among all 30 teams in the club rankings based on performance.

Based on the performance of each club from 1995 to 2023, The Athletic, an American online sports media outlet, awarded 9 points to the World Series winner, 6 points to the World Series runner-up team, 3 points to the loser of the League Championship Series, and 2 points to the loser of the League Division Series.

The teams were ranked on the 15th (Korean time) by giving 1 point to the loser of the league wild card series, 1 point to the district winner, and -1 point to the odd team with 90 consecutive losses.

MLB used to run the postseason in a way that the two division champions from the American League and the National League clashed to determine the league champion and then the top team was determined in the World Series.

However, the method changed in 1995 with the expansion of teams.

After reorganizing each league into three districts, a postseason system was established in which four teams competed in each league, combining the three district winners and one wild card team with the next highest winning percentage.

Accordingly, the current format of Division Series-League Championship Series-World Series was established.

Starting in 2020, two wild card teams were added to each league, and a system was established in which six teams compete in the Wild Card Series, Division Series, League Championship Series, and World Series.

Therefore, since 1995, when the name Wild Card appeared, it has been known as the 'Wild Card' era.

According to The Athletic's calculation formula, during this period, the Yankees advanced to the postseason 24 times, won the World Series 5 times, and won the district championship 15 times, earning the highest score of 110 points.

However, the score gained over the past 10 years was only 17 points.

The last time the Yankees popped the World Series championship champagne was in 2009.

The Atlanta Braves (81 points) and St. Louis Cardinals (72 points) ranked second and third.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, who have boasted ultra-luxurious members for several years, surpassed the 'Evil Empire' Yankees and took fourth place with 68 points.

In particular, the Dodgers solidified their position as the strongest team of their time by scoring 46 points, the most over the past 10 years, along with the Houston Astros (65 points), who ranked 6th.


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