The Mandalay Spirit- A Drink with a Story

Read about the Mandalay Spirit, its story, types and much more.

The story of the Mandalay Spirit takes us back to 1886. When the Rum blenders were brought to Mandalay by the British. The Rum blenders and people of Mandalay created a Rum known as the Mandalay Spirit also called the Mandalay Rum. The developed a unique manufacturing process of aging the rum in wooden barrels for three or more years. This process of aging the rum gives more taste to the Mandalay Rum. The logo denotes the cultures, traditions and the history of Mandalay. The Mandalay Spirit has three varieties The Mandalay Export Rum, Mandalay Coffee Liqueur and Mandalay Caribbean White. The Mandalay Export Rum has a woody smell with vanilla notes. The Mandalay Export Rum originated in Myanmar and has 43% ABV. The Mandalay Coffee Liqueur smells like strong coffee beans and tastes like strong coffee and butter. It can be taken also or mixed with cocktails.  The Mandalay Caribbean White smells like Vanilla Cream and taste like butter and vanilla which is perfect for cocktails. The Mandalay Rum is now made by Victory Myanmar Group. Every sip of the rum makes us remember a piece of history of the Mandalay. Victory Myanmar Group aims to improve the quality of the rum by using old recipes and adding new techniques to it. Mandalay Rum has gained appreciation locally as well as internationally.


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