Action Figures Companies You Should Know About.

Many new collectors are puzzled by the variety of action figure brands & licenses that presently line toy aisles, making it difficult to determine which firms produce the figurines they see displayed. As a result, some long-time collectors have strong manufacturer loyalties, even going

Action Figures Companies You Should Know About


The following firms may not be the most well-known or the largest in the field, but each has a unique quality that sets it apart from the others.


These are the six action figure businesses that every collector should know about and consider purchasing from. Let us have a look at some of these best action figure companies.


Hot Toys

Hot Toys, a Hong Kong-based firm, made this list for one straightforward reason. In terms of action figures, they're the finest. Despite their high price and small size (1/6), Figures produced by Hot Toys are among the best-looking and highest quality on the market. Numerous figures are based on well-known films, and the result is an uncanny likeness to the main actors' real-cloth attire. Hot Toys is the only place to go if you have a lot of money to burn and only want the best.

Main Streams

⦁ Star Wars
⦁ Predator
⦁ Iron Man
⦁ The Dark Knight



Even though NECA toys aren't commonly found in big box stores' toy sections, they may be found in plenty at specialty toy and comic bookstores and on the internet. Despite its relative youth in the action figure market, NECA has emerged as a key player because of its licensed figures from video games and movies.

Since NECA's goods draw non-collectors into the action figure field, their value cannot be overstated. Thanks to NECA's fantastic craftsmanship and likenesses, even people who have never bought an action figure previously are now supporting the business.

Main Streams

⦁ Twilight
⦁ Predator
⦁ Player Select


Mcfarlane Toys

Toy company McFarlane Toys was one of two significant enterprises that Todd McFarlane founded in the late 1980s and early 1990s because of his success in comic books at the time. There are still many ways in which McFarlane Toys' effect on the action figure business may be felt. Action figurines had never looked so amazing before. In sculpting and painting, new heights were reached, significantly impacting the action figures' path. Finally, they began to take things more seriously and maturely.

Toys from McFarlane Toys were often criticized for lacking conventional articulation for children. McFarlane's latest goods, such as the successful Halo series based on the popular video game, have solved that problem. One can still see McFarlane Toys' influence on the shelves of toy stores even if it is no longer as popular.

Main Streams

⦁ The Walking Dead
⦁ Spawn
⦁ Halo



You may not have heard of Bandai, yet it's the largest toy manufacturer in the world. Bandai is the third-largest toymaker globally, with a significant presence in the action figure market. Unlike Bandai, Bandai America is an American subsidiary of Bandai, a Japanese conglomerate that operates in the United States.

The Power Rangers line from Bandai is the most popular in the United States. Many of Bandai's best-selling collectibles are based on cartoon and TV program properties, often overlooked by casual collectors. Although many other companies have failed to gain traction, Bandai's reputation has been bolstered by the recent acquisition of the ThunderCats license and its star Lion-O.

Main Streams

⦁ ThunderCats
⦁ Power Rangers
⦁ Dragon Ball Z
⦁ Ben 10


Marvel Legends Hulk Action figure one piece



Mattel may be best known for the Barbie doll sensation, but the company's action figure business has been expanding as well. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe were game changers for Mattel in the early 1980s, when they became renowned as the makers of Hot Wheels. He-Man was among the most popular action figures of his day, and the He-Man toy line continued to sell well for several more years.

For a long time, Mattel's presence in the collectible action figure market was limited until recently, when Mattel relaunched the Masters of the Universe Classics and acquired DC Comics, WWE Wrestling, and Ghostbusters licenses. Toy aisles are once again occupied by Mattel, which is a significant participant in the collector action figure market.

Main Streams

⦁ WWE Wrestling
⦁ Masters of the Universe
⦁ Ghostbusters
⦁ DC Comics




As we know them today, G.I. Joe and action figures might not exist if it weren't for Hasbro's involvement in the 1960s. The G.I. Joe re-imagination and the debut of the Transformers in the 1980s boosted their popularity in the toy business. Hasbro's licensed brands, such as Star Wars and Marvel Comics, may be better known than Hasbro's own G.I. Joe and Transformers. On top of the dominance in toys and board games that they currently have, Hasbro's action figures now account for a significant chunk of any modern action figure aisle.

Main Streams

⦁ Transformers
⦁ Star Wars
⦁ Marvel Comics
⦁ Iron Man Movie
⦁ G.I. Joe
⦁ Captain America Movie



 Action Figure Collection How to Get Started


Action figure collecting may be a rewarding and enjoyable pastime. If you're a kid at heart, you'll love it. It's a fun way to commemorate your devotion to a specific film, comic book, or television show. If you acquire them correctly, many of these figurines may be worth hundreds of dollars on the collector's market.

Consider Why Do You Want to Collect Action Figures?

Is there a deeper reason you like to collect action figures rather than, for example, stamps or coins? If you know the answer to this question, you'll be able to make better decisions regarding purchasing and developing a better collection. If so, what is your favorite film? Action figures based on the film may be the best option for you (e.g., collecting only Star Wars figures). Do you enjoy reading comic books? Your collection may then be focused on a particular character or series of tales, movies, or TV episodes.

Having a limited number of action figures to choose from will discourage you from splurging on anything that catches your attention. When you don't have a plan, you're more likely to make impulse purchases that turn out to be a waste of money in the long run. For some reason, you may be searching for all the fantastic action figures you owned as a child. This is a time-consuming and expensive method of collecting, but one that may bring back a lot of fond memories. Perhaps you're a lover of the attention to detail that goes into making action figures. It's possible to focus your collection on figures with incredible sculpts and paint work. With each additional figurine added, this might become a very stunning collection.


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