Differences Between IVF and Natural Pregnancy

know the journey of IVF pregnancy & normal pregnancy. cover the similarities and unique aspects in this insightful exploration.

The biggest difference between the two occurs early in pregnancy is the way fertilization happens. Also, the IVF pregnancy calculator is different than that of natural pregnancy. An IVF pregnancy calculator is two weeks shorter as there is no need to account for the body's egg release and ovulation if the embryo is directly implanted. If you are interested to know your due date, here is a pregnancy calculator you can use.

There are other differences as well, like:

  • Medications

All women undergoing IVF may take hormonal drugs and sometimes injections after the embryo transfer procedure to support the implantation process. In the case of natural pregnancy, these drugs are not given as the woman's internal reproductive system naturally provides this support.

  • Ultrasound

During the IVF pregnancy period, after the pregnancy has been confirmed, a series of additional ultrasound examinations are carried out to closely monitor the evolution and detect possible problems so that the necessary measures can be taken in time, especially in the first trimester. These common ultrasounds are not usually part of a natural pregnancy.

  • Symptoms

Although the symptoms of pregnancy are almost the same, women who conceive through IVF are more aware of them and sometimes more concerned about them than those who conceive naturally.

  • Complications

High-risk conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, anaemia, poor growth, and premature birth are common in IVF pregnancies. This is especially true because women who undergo this procedure are usually older and have underlying hormonal or medical problems.

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