How useful and practical is wing chun kung fu?

Bruce Lee said: Wing chun kung fu is one of the most useful martial arts in real fighting.

How useful and practical is wing chun kung fu?


What exactly is wing chun?


A kind of kung fu called Ving chun dates back over 300 years to China. It was designed initially for quick learning and usage in combat. It is based on motions that are perfect in actual fighting and was developed after a thorough research of other martial arts.

Whing chun kung fu was designed to be learned quickly and effective in the battle against the Mongols who were attacking China at the time.

One of the most useful martial arts known to the world was created.

The strength of the wing chun style is that it contains simple movements in its elements,and is the only martial art that combines both blocking and attacking at the same time.The creators of this fighting style wanted to preserve this martial art from spreading and eventually invented a version that is less useful in combat, popular today as (modified wing chun.)


How helpful and practical is wing chun kung fu


What is the difference between modified and real wing chun?


In order to carefully protect their Chinese culture, the original practitioners and their pupils devised a method to stop the spread of the original wing chun within China.

They purposefully created a modified version of wing chun that is less effective and deadly in real fighting.Many people believe the modified form of wing chun to be the authentic form, however the reality is different.The genuine version is only known to a very small number of masters of martial arts.

The key difference is in the positions and angles of the opponents. In the modified form, students take an open stance facing the opponent while learning that the opponent is in front of them. When they are actually engaged in combat while in this position, the striking angles of the opponent and the wing chun fighter shift.

A modified version of wing chun actually just imitates a real fight.

Bruce Lee said: OriginalWing chun kung fu is one of the most useful martial arts in real fighting.


How to learn real wing chun?


Due to the modified form of wing chun's popularity, there are currently several variations of the modification.

It is much more difficult for those who wish to learn how to study true wing chun since each of these fictitious alterations is considered as authentic wing chun.

When instructing their pupils in wing chun without using actual combat techniques, many wing chun masters include components from other martial arts.

The most well-known variation of this is known as wing tchunand the founder was master Milan prosenica, a kung fu world champion.

Milan Prosenica


In order to provide his students more protection in a real battle, Milan Prosenica also taught his pupils the fundamentals of kick boxing.
Years ago, Milan taught k1 warriors who used wing chun techniques in their battles.
Milan was one of the instructors who knew the authentic form of wing chun, but he never taught it to his students directly; instead, he merely included kickboxing techniques.

MILAN PROSENICA, legend of kung fu, died on 02.03. 2008 at the age of 55.

William Cheng is another teacher who inserted angles into the motions of wing chun and has maintained for years that it is authentic wing chun.

william cheung wing chun


When word got out that there were two types of wing chun, this Master took a modification and added some new features and called it "real wing chun".

So studying authentic Ving Chun became more hard since it was a profit that many masters exploited at the start of the 1980s when Bruce Lee movies were popular.

Each master claimed that his version was authentic.

Of course, none of them are authentic.

If you want to learn the original wing chun, then you have to learn the fighting method invented by Bruce Lee (jeet kune do)


Bruce lee: In order to learn jeet kune do you need to deeply understand the fundamentals of wing chun.

If you understand how jeet kune do works, you will understand the angles of true wing chun.

The movements of modified and real wing chun are the same, only the difference is in the angles of movement of the opponent and the angles of movement of wing chun fighting.The motions of modified and actual wing chun are identical; the only change is in the angles of movement of the opponent and the wing chun fighter.

If you are already familiar with the modified version's movements, simply compare them to the Bruce Lee fighting system and you will immediately comprehend how true wing chun works.
It's simpler to grasp with The Wooden Dummy techniques because you have two opponents instead of one.

You read that right, when practicing wooden dummy techniques, you use both left and right stance.


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