One of the best mineral water in the world.

The most valuable minerals from the rocks at great depths, where CO2 gas is found, are abundant in this water.

One of the best mineral water in the world.


Oaza has an almost perfect ratio of calcium and magnesium minerals and the ratio of other minerals. The chemical composition of Oase is ideal for the dynamic rhythm of life, the organoleptic properties are favorable for everyday consumption, and the biological properties have a favorable effect on the health of every person.

Its source, the Crni vrh mountain and the pure natural environment covered with forest protect this mineral water from all pollution.

Natural spring water that is drawn from a depth of about 200 m and naturally filtered through impermeable layers of mineral rocks. Such water is bottled without any contact with external pollution, and the first contact with the outside world occurs when the bottle is opened for the first time.


Its most important determinant and what makes Oaza different from the others is its geographical origin.

Oaza, therefore, springs from under the Crni vrh mountain near Tešnj. (Bosnia) In that place, which is a part of untouched nature, some very interesting phenomena occur, which result in the fact that on the one hand we have a particularly high-quality source of water, and on the other side of this hill is the source of thermal waters


Oaza has so far been awarded a gold medal in 1998, then a silver medal in 2000, then a bronze medal in 2001, and again a gold medal in 2002 , a silver medal in 2015 and 2020 gold Medal at the American Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards.

The international water survey in Berkeley Springs is considered one of the most important in the world. By comparison, these awards are the equivalent of the film Oscars.


Oaza has discovered its own path since water always finds a way. One of the most known waters in the world is a result of numerous inventions, investments in technological processes, marketing, and advertising efforts.


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