Comic Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Scandalous Ticket comic for sale

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All is well in London, and that means nothing is well for the greatest detective of all time - Sherlock Holmes is bored to death. A knock on the door puts him out of his torment: Dr. Fowler, a colleague of Watson's, is standing there in the company of an officer who picked him up the night before when Fowler was wandering around the East End in a state of confusion, dressed in a nightgown and women's slippers. Fowler can't remember anything and Scotland Yard is at a loss. Only a strange ticket to a theatrical performance the night before, found at Fowler's, offers a clue to the investigation... Step into the mind of the greatest criminal genius in literary history! A brand new case for Sherlock Holmes that we readers not only see through his eyes, but, thanks to Benoit Dahan's brilliant artistic realization, can follow them directly from his palace of thoughts. A whole new game begins!

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