LU12-120 Lithium Battery

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LU12-120 Lithium Battery Starter. Your Gateway to Boundless Energy

Power up your adventures with the LU12-120 Lithium Battery Starter. This robust 12V, 120Ah battery ensures dependable performance for diverse applications. Its compact design and advanced safety features, including overcharge and short-circuit protection, guarantee safe operation. Ideal for off-grid adventures, marine vessels, and backup systems, the LU12-120 provides reliable, long-lasting energy storage. With high energy density and easy installation, this starter kit offers seamless power on the go. Dominate your journey with the LU12-120 Lithium Battery Starter.

- Nominal Voltage: 12.8
- Size mm: L175*W87*H155
- Size Inches: L6.9*W3.4*L6.10
- Ah: 12
- Wh: 153.6
- CA: 720
- CCA: 405
- CCA -30C: 260
- Weight = 32 lbs
- Dimensions = 12.24 × 7.9 × 8.9 in

Buy our powerful LU12-120 Lithium Powersports Battery. It's designed to provide reliable energy for your outdoor activities. Size Inches are L6.9*W3.4*L6.10.

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